About Living Word

Some may think church is only for perfect people, but we don’t expect anyone to be perfect (or anywhere close, for that matter). We are a group of people trying to become better every day, but accepting one another with the grace by which God accepts us. We are a body of people seeking the Kingdom of God, connecting to each other, making friends, and growing in the Word of God.

Here at the Living Word we teach the uncompromised Word of God. The word the Lord gave to our founders, Drs. Tom & Maureen Anderson, when they were starting this ministry was to “Build Strong Homes and Families.” You will find that many of our programs are built with families in mind. Your home is your very first church, so it’s important that you learn how to love from within the home, and then build from that starting position. We believe we can help. Whether you find yourself in a perfect situation, or broken and confused, the Word of the Lord will strengthen you and your life.

In recognizing the importance of family, we also recognize that we are the family of God, jointly fit together in love. We want you to find a place here where you can grow in Christ, form lasting, Godly relationships and serve others.

We would like to say from our hearts to yours . . . “Welcome home.” We would like you to feel right at home here with us, where we believe our God is a good God (all the time!) who has wonderful promises in store for His children. God has promised you blessing and peace throughout His Word.

Spiritual Covering

While Living Word Bible Church may be a non-denominational church, it is not without accountability by its pastors. The Andersons are mentored by and submit to Casey Treat, Andrew Wommack, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland and Apostle Frederick K.C. Price. The church is also a member of Integrity Leadership Ministries (ILM).