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ECFA Accredited

Giving with Confidence

The Living Word is a church, a 501©3 organization that is independently audited annually. We know that trust and transparency in church financials is important to the donors. At Living Word you can give with confidence. We are an active member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Our annual financial reports are publicly posted at

Why We Give

We believe that the idea of bringing tithes and offerings to the storehouse is not something that died with the Law. In fact, it existed hundreds of years BEFORE the Law, and, according to Hebrews 7:8, Jesus is still collecting the tithe today as the true High Priest. However, tithing is not a rule and has no bearing on your salvation or how much God loves you (or how much we love you). Tithing is a principle of God (and not a law) that He established that we believe allows His people to be exempt from the fruit of the world’s systems. We believe that the tithe (10% of all of our increase) belongs to God and that our offerings (those gifts over and above the tithe) are a means to express our love and appreciation to God. We believe that where your treasure is, there also is your heart.

We believe that it is important to remember that we are always bringing our tithes and offerings to Jesus and not just a building, ministry or program. Sure, we may designate our gifts, but in our heart we must always be bringing the gift to Jesus. (Malachi 3:10, Proverbs 3:9, Matthew 6:21, Acts 20:35, 2 Corinthians 9:6-12, Matthew 6:33, 1 Timothy 6:17-18, Hebrews 7:8)

Ways to Give Electronically

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Living Word Outreach

Living Word Outreach Partners

Living Word Outreach helps individuals, children and families who are less fortunate. Last year we handed out over 900 boxes of food, served over 1000 lunches and collected over 10 pallets of food that were taken to various shelters in the Phoenix/Mesa area. We also fed over 100 homeless in the streets of Mesa and Tempe, collected more than 100 bags of clothes for the homeless and foster children and blessed 1000 children with the Christmas Toy Drive from Save the Family, Agape Adoption Agency and DCS of Mesa.

To give a gift to help support these efforts or to give your partner gift online, after logging into your account choose “Outreach” form the dropdown list.