Welcome to Living Word.

We are a church that wants to love and accept you for who you are, without changing anything. We are not about a bunch of man-made rules, but about love and acceptance. We are a place you can come and get a message of HOPE, LOVE and EXPERIENCING GOD’S BEST. We are a Bible-teaching, Word, faith and grace believing church. Our goal isn’t to tell you all the things you can’t do and have, but we would rather tell you all the things you can do and have. The Bible isn’t a book of dont’s, but a book of do’s. Our job is to help you have a great life, filled with happiness and success. Come visit us to invest in your future.

Come as you are.  Everyone is welcome.

After service we invite you to come to the Newcomers Welcome Center. We would love to meet you and give you a free gift!

Next Step

Newcomers Reception – New to Living Word? We’re a big church where it can be hard to get to know the pastors. The Newcomer’s Reception is an opportunity to get to know the pastors in a personal environment and where they can get to know you.

Meet the Pastors, learn what we’re all about and connect to our ministries and opportunities to serve.

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