Pastor Jason –  Are You A Favor-ite?

Pastor Jason – Are You A Favor-ite?

One of Jesus’ first announcements was to read from Isaiah 61: “to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Zechariah 12:10 says, “I will pour out a spirit of favor.” In II Corinthians 6:2 Paul said, “Now is the time of God’s favor.” All too often we are waiting for something – the sun to come up, or the ship to come in, waiting for a new day, just one more day. What am I waiting for? Now is the day of The Lord’s favor on my life. Now is the time. The problem is too many don’t even know what the Lord’s favor is or how to get it. Am I in it? If I said it was the year of the asparagus, or the year of the milkshake, what would that look like to you? So many expect life to be ruled by Murphy’s law. If it can go wrong it will. The world hands out favor based on your talent, your looks, your degrees, your title – aviator, plumbinator, churchinator. We go on Facebook to see if anyone likes us. But God isn’t checking on these things before handing out His favor. We have good days, bad days, good months, bad months, good years, bad years, and that’s what the world gets, but it isn’t what we are supposed to get. What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? We are looking to the world’s favor. Get ready because the word of God is coming at you today like a flood, and it is proclaiming favor into your future.

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