Women's Ministry
Extraordinary Sisters

Extraordinary Sisters Bible Studies

Extraordinary Sisters is a fellowship for ladies of all ages! June, July and August are special months of fun and relationships. The summer months are designed to bring us into a closer sisterhood and friendship – after all, we are extraordinary sisters!

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Jesus Chicks

Jesus Chicks

JESUSCHICKS is for young women 18-30’s. We are a ministry of small groups called JC8 (Jesus Chicks groups of 8.) We meet once per week; three times outside the church for fun (coffee, hiking, crafts, dinner etc.) and once a month at “JESUSCHICKS The Gathering” where all groups meet in the Fellowship Hall at church for INTIMATE worship, INTERACTIVE ministry time, and IMPACTFUL teaching from the heart of God. Those who are not in a group are welcome to The Gathering every month. JC8 groups are a place to be real and transparent, celebrated and unconditionally loved, and supported with prayer and the Word during challenges.

See the calendar for The Gathering dates: