We believe in Jesus. His teachings and ministry embody unbridled love and acceptance for all who are weary. Through His example, our church equips its family to succeed in the world of today. Through acceptance, laughter, and love, our services and ministries show people just how valuable they are to God, and just how much they can accomplish in this lifetime through Jesus. That’s what church is about. We hope we see you soon!

Our Vision

Living Word’s vision is to grow a family that experiences every promise of God. This means strengthening your personal family, but it also means recognizing that we as a church are a family and that we are working together to grow the kingdom of God. Living Word’s Family Life Training programs are designed to equip families for success.

Mission Statement

Living Word is a church for ALL. We’re equipping our families to win through Acceptance, Laughter, and Love. The A in ALL is for Acceptance: We ACCEPT you just the way that you are. The first L is for Laughter: We think church should be full of LAUGHTER and not stuffy and boring. The second L is for Love: We LOVE you when you walk in, and we hope our people walk out loving those in our community.

What We Believe

We believe our God is a good God “All the Time!” God isn’t some mean father who is beating you up and taking your stuff. Instead, He’s a loving father who wants you to have life and have a bunch of it. He sent His Son, gives you His infinite Spirit, gives you authority, an inheritance, a promised land, and calls you His child.


Pastors Jason & Kelli Anderson and Scot & Holly Anderson are the lead pastors. Get to know our Living Word leadership team.


Our ministries are built with families in mind. Some of these ministries are our Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies and our many different children and youth programs, including our Champions Club for kids who have special needs. Cultivate is our young adults group. Finally, our Family Life Training Classes are here to help families win in life. We have something for everyone and every member of the family!


Family Life Classes are designed to help you engage with others while learning biblical principles to get real results in your family life. Classes are an opportunity to come together with other like-minded people on the same journey—learning to win in life. Classes include Champion Marriage, Train Up a Parent, Financial Revolution, Financially Free, and Celebrate Recovery.