Champion’s Club

(Grades 1-6)

Where is Champion’s Club?
Champions Club is located in the East Wing next to the East entrance from the parking lot.

Who can attend Champion’s Club?
Children with special needs in 1st through 6th grades.

What is Champion’s Club?
Champion’s Club is a class room expertly designed to keep children with special needs engaged and involved. Activities in the classrooms include interactive learning opportunities, sensory-conscious play areas, and technology reactive to touch and sound. Our goal is to make sure each and every child knows their importance and that they’re valued in the eyes of God and by everyone here at Living Word.

What is Champion’s Club

The Champion’s Cub’s interactive environment allows children to engage with the world around them and get involved as a group.

Would you like to volunteer?

Would you like to volunteer in our Champion’s Club? We’d love to have you on the team!*

*All volunteers must undergo special training to prepare them for the unique requirements of the Champion’s Club.

Champion Classroom

Our Champion’s Club classrooms are design from the ground up to be fun for children with special needs and teach children about the love and creativity of God.

An Environment to Encourage

At the Champion’s Club, we encourage group activities that help build social skills and keep each and every child involved and comfortable.