Current Classes

Preparing you and your teens, to defend your faith by taking an eye opening look at the lies of the world , the deceptive misinformation being taught in our schools and universities, and the confirmed truth about the historical accuracy of the Bible, the life of Jesus, and how God and Science are in perfect harmony.

Our Annual Classes

Our 4-Week health class helps individuals refocus on their health through nutrition.

Learn principles that will have your marriage speaking a new language, one that will actually work.

This 4-week course is designed to empower you to defend your faith powerfully in any situation. (Returning in 2023).

Learning spiritual foundations and becoming grounded in God’s promises.

4-Week class, learn Kingdom principles that will help you inspire and encourage a shared commitment at all levels of service in God’s house.

4-Week class, learn and apply practical stewardship on all that God has given you.

8-Weeks, meet other parents and grow together in the knowledge of how the Bible says to grow your family.