Upcoming Classes

This four-week class will cover practical topics, including family budgeting, budgeting for vacations, living within your means, how to be debt-free, managing inflation, and financial planning. Beginning January 11th at 6:30pm at Living Word Bible Church in Mesa.

Set yourself up for success, and get ready to tackle those Christmas credit card bills! Join us for this four-week class, beginning Wednesday, January 11th, at 6:30 p.m.

Did you know? Pastor Scot Anderson is the co-owner of Raven Crest Tactical Knives and the best-selling author of “God Wants You Rich,” “Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire,” and “Think Like a Businessaire.” Pastor Jason Anderson has a BS in Finance from Arizona State University’s W. P. Carey School of Business and was the CFO of Living Word Bible Church for over 20 years.

Our Health Class helps individuals refocus on their health through nutrition. Every Wednesday in January at 6:30 pm!

Often the holidays are a time when over-eating is not only encouraged but expected. It’s easy to get caught up in what seems to be a never-ending smorgasbord of rich and decadent foods and forget about your health. Then January arrives with a whole new set of expectations… get in shape, lose some weight, spend more time in the Word. Health Class is a great way to get back on track and jump-start the new year. It will be a time of rebuilding our temple, as well as a time of shifting us on the inside and positioning us to receive all that God has already provided.

Tiffone Powers-Parker, an alumni of Arizona State University with a Master of Nutrition as a Registered Dietitian will facilitate Health Class.

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