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MAY 5th, 2020


APRIL 28th, 2020

APRIL 21st, 2020

APRIL 14th, 2020

MARCH 30TH, 2020

Before we get into the details, here is the Governor’s order:


The part that pertains to us:

Section 4. Under this Policy, Essential Activities include:

f. “Engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion, and any legal or court

process provided that such is conducted in a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the

extent feasible.”

And for those who wish to sit outside of their vehicle near their car or even on the grass:

Section 5. “To the extent individuals are using shared or outdoor spaces when outside their residence or

property for Essential Activities, they shall, to the extent possible, maintain physical distancing of at least

six feet from any other person, consistent with the guidance from the CDC.”

In other words, groups, such as families who already cohabitate, need to keep proper social distancing

from other such groups–a minimum of six feet. We are committed to honoring this wisdom as a church.

It is right for the world to see us honoring our government leadership as well as being careful with the

wellbeing of others, especially those who are more vulnerable.

The good news is that we will have Drive-In Church again. Last weekend was a tremendous success.

Just a reminder: we are asking you to stay in your own family group, at the suggested distance from

others, and to do so with great vigilance. If there is someone more vulnerable in your car, it may be

smart to keep your windows up, even when speaking with parking-lot volunteers. All of our volunteers

will again be wearing gloves. If, at any time, something must be handed in to your car, those items will

have been properly sanitized. Also, we have learned that the honking, while super fun, received a few

complaints from our amazing neighbors. We want to show them our love, so we won’t be encouraging

the honking this weekend.

Our church doors will continue to be open, as well, especially for prayer and to meet the needs of our

community. There is a great need right now for our community to find the Lord, and to receive food

boxes, prayer, and support. If you have extra supplies that you would like to donate, come to the church

office during normal office hours (Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or drop them off in

the drive-through near the cross before or after services this weekend. Also, after seeing the sunburns

we both got from preaching outside this weekend, you might want to drop off some Bactine or sunscreen, as well! Or a Chalupa–one of us likes those.

The church office is open, as are

our phones (480-964-4463)

and our prayer line (480-937-2330).

For many of our midweek classes, additional communication will be sent out to let you know what changes may be made.

We love you all so much. We are so proud of this amazing people–this family called Living Word.


Pastors Scot & Holly Anderson & Pastors Jason and Kelli Anderson

P.S. More good news. Taco Bell and Andy’s are keeping their drive-thrus open! 🙂


Dear Living Word Family,

In response to Governor Ducey’s Executive Order, we want to remind you that the leadership of Living Word is united on the following two positions:

1. The church is the body of Christ. We are His hands and His feet. We must keep the doors to God’s House open, especially in times of need.

2. We support Governor Ducey and his efforts to subdue the impact of the Coronavirus by limiting the size of indoor gatherings, maintaining proper social distancing of at least six feet, asking everyone to follow the guidelines provided by the CDC. It’s important to remember that Living Word’s doors continue to be open to those seeking the Lord or in need of food, supplies, or prayer. To accomplish this and honor our Governor’s wishes, we have made some adjustments in our service schedule for April.

We are still doing church services this weekend via Drive-In Church! You should note, though, that ALL of our smaller weekly and monthly classes have been postponed until May.

This includes Manifest, Men’s and Women’s AM and PM Bible Studies, Live @ 5, Wednesday PM service, Golden Jubilee, Champion Marriage Class, Discipleship Class, Finance Class, Adult Bible Study, and Spanish Ministry.

Please be looking for communication from your ministry leaders about how to access weekly digital content. Our weekend church services will be held in the west parking lot.

Our first Drive-In Church weekend was a great success. It’s easy to do if you’re new to the idea. Just drive to church—our volunteers will help you park—and enjoy the service in front of a stage and a jumbotron. Listen to the service using your car radio tuned to 98.1 FM.

We’ve updated a few things, and we believe you’ll find that Drive-In Church is even better than before.

Click here for an update on that from Pastors Jason and Scot.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no Manifest service this Thursday, April 2nd. Instead, at 7PM, we will live stream a brief service as we prepare for the weekend’s Drive-In Church services.

APRIL’S SERVICE SCHEDULE: Saturday @ 6PM | Drive-In Church followed by Movie Night (NOTE: This is not a typo! Saturday night service will begin at 6PM, until we can move back into the sanctuary.)

Come hear Pastors Jason & Kelli minister. Then stay and watch Onward on the jumbotron, and we’ll deliver concessions (pizza, popcorn, candy, and water) to your car.

Sunday @ 8AM, 9:15AM, 11AM & 12:34PM | Drive-In Church Wednesday @ 6:30PM | Online and Live Stream ONLY Our amazing team of Children’s leaders has created a weekly church show based on our curriculum for your kids.

Click here to access a new teaching every week.

Our Youth are being ministered to through their Billboard JV (@billboardjv) and Accelerate (@lwbc_accelerateyouth) Instagram pages.

As always, if you have any questions, please call the office at 480-964-4463 during business hours

(Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 5PM).

If you need prayer, call our prayer line at 480-937-2330.

Prayer line hours are Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 3PM, Saturday from 6PM to 7PM, and Sunday from 8AM to 1:30PM.


The Living Word Staff