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God desires for your marriage to be magnificent. He wants you to have more fire than when you had that first kiss, more laughter today than yesterday, and more happiness and fulfillment as each day goes by. God has a plan to release you into a marriage that is better than ever. New information can mark the beginning of a new journey for you. Whether your marriage is stuck or moving quite nicely, this one-night-only, FREE event will launch your relationship to new heights.
Join us, February 26th at 6:30 pm, for the Better Together Marriage Event and hear a different message.
The Better Together Marriage Event is hosted by the Living Word, a church whose vision is to grow a family that experiences every promise of God. The Living Word organizes events throughout the year to help strengthen families. Topics include parenting, personal finance, health, marriage and more.
In the last thirty years, Living Word has become a staple in our valley for family growth. It’s our mission to equip your family to win through acceptance, laughter, and love. This two-hour event will have you laughing your way to a whole new perspective. It will get you moving into God’s best for you and your spouse. Topics include: Passion is in the pursuit  Communication: “What does she want?” “Where is he going?” Handling extended family  Being friends and lovers  Married and children… what now?  How to have a marriage reset  And more… It’s FREE! Childcare is provided.


Jason and Kelly Anderson, Married 27 Years and Authors of ‘The Happy and Married Book: The Secret to a Relationship That Dares to Speak Another Language’

There is a language we can speak that goes far beyond the expectancy of the world’s systems. This language dares to attack the accepted norm for marriage and instead aligns itself with God’s voice. Introducing a marriage book that raises the bar from just getting by, or surviving another week, and begs you to believe that your marriage will reach the heights you have dreamed. In The Married and Happy Book, Pastor Jason and Kelli Anderson will have you laughing your way to a bright hopeful future, and right into an unquenchable fiery romance. Here they will share a new way to communicate to each other, about each other, and about our expectations for our relationship. Learn many brilliantly simple principles from God’s word for elevating your relationship higher than you ever imagined.

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Scot and Holly Anderson, Married 27 Years and Authors of ‘Married 4 Life – Build a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime’

Create a marriage full of joy, fulfillment, passion and love. Nearly every marriage that ends in divorce happens because of one last fight. Usually it is an accumulation of many fights, but it is that one last fight that ends it. Nearly all your marital frustration comes from arguments and fights. If you took all the time you spent fighting and used just one tenth of that time meeting each other’s needs, you would have a great marriage. In this book you will learn: – The source of all arguments, – What are the needs of Men and Women, – How your needs compliments the needs of your spouses, – How to meet the needs of your spouse and stir up the passion in your marriage, – How to argue in a constructive way, – How to eliminate most of the dumb fights, – How to forgive, – How to control your emotions, before, during, and after a fight, – How NOT to fight even when your spouse really wants to. All of this discovery will bring passion back into your marriage. You will learn what love really is and how to fall in love with your spouse all over again. Discover how to let the hurt and anger go and in the end, you will learn how to create a fairytale marriage that lives happily ever after.

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