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Living Word Champions Club coming soon…….

About this Event

Champions Club is a specially designed developmental area for kids and youth with special needs. We have 3 classroom that are currently being built; each room is specifically built for different needs and our goal is to make sure that everyone has a safe and comfortable area where they can worship God. We need your help to make this happen! Volunteer today to help out with the 9:15 and the 11:00 Champions Club Services!!!!


We offer training, so there is no prior experience required. If you are experienced with kids with special needs, we value your training and have additional training towards the Living Word Champions Club. The Champions Club classrooms are still under construction and they will be open in April. Please drop by and see our progress.

*****”okay what do I do from here, and where do I go?”*****, you will be receiving an email with more information. For now please share this information with friends or families who want to participate or maybe in need of our services.

*****”When will I receive this email”*****

The end of January or before then.


Our Pastors visions of the Champions Club is to provide a safe environment for children in need and the opportunity for their parents to confidently enjoy worship and services. If you have any additional questions please contact our front desk at (480) 964-4463


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