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Honk to say “amen,” or even a “lulu,” and get ready to have a church experience like no other. We are praying the presence of God will fill your car, invading our parking lot as we assemble in this unique way and lift the name of Jesus together.

We need you to register for the service you will be attending. Use this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drive-in-church-tickets-100997712878

Drive-In Church Services:

Saturday at 5:00 PM (We will be showing Frozen 2 after the service!)

Sunday at 9:15 AM, 11:00 AM, 12:34 PM

(The 8:00 AM service, as well as the Sunday 5:00 PM service, will be held in the church foyer.)

What to expect: Its more than just ” get into your car and listen to a teaching”.

  • There will be signs and parking attendant directing traffic.
  • At those entrances you will be directed to west section of the parking lot where a giant screen will be on the west side of dome.
  • There will be parking attendance directing traffic from those entrances and helping you get the best view possible
  • Honk for amen.
  • If you are giving your life to Christ, FLASH YOUR BRIGHTS.
  • An usher will always be present in your area helping out.
  • You will be exiting through the west side.
  • Cars are put into 3 separate groups by car types, (SUV, Car, and Trucks) that way smaller cars can see over your 30 foot lifted Ford F-150..
  • FIRST COME FIRST SERVE – signing up helps our team be prepared to help make your experience more enjoyable, it helps us know how many truck spots to keep, how many SUV spots to keep open, so BE THERE EARLY!
  • Have fun and tune into the FM radio station to hear your pastors from inside your car. Or roll down your windows and listen from our big outside speakers.
  • We will be showing Frozen 2 following the Saturday Night Service.

Is there a teaching for my child?

  • Your kid will receive a fun packet with crafts and crayons that will go with the teaching video created specially by our Living Word Children’s ministry.

Come experience Drive-in Church with your favorite Lead Pastors, Scot and Jason Anderson

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