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God and Science are not at odds. And you are not alone in your questions.

In a world flooded with misinformation and lies, have you found it a struggle to defend your faith? Is God real or a disproven myth? Is Jesus a fictional character or a historical fact? Is the Bible true, or is it full of contradiction and error? Maybe you know what you believe, but you aren’t sure why, and when you get asked the tough questions, doubt begins to creep in.

The world is full of wrong information about who God is, what faith is, and the validity of the Bible. As a new school year begins, we have but one mission… to bring the Truth. GENESIS is an annual event where world-renowned experts in their field will be discussing God, science, and the Bible.

Michael Behe, the author of Darwin’s Black Box, is a Microbiologist and born-again Christian. Come and hear about his journey in the sciences as he discovered intelligent design in his work.

Ken Dew, an expert on the historical accuracy of the Bible and the account of Jesus Christ, will be dismantling the lies that circulate in our society about whether Jesus is real.

Christianity is under attack—maybe you are struggling with the legitimacy of your faith. It is time to equip yourself to defend what you believe even if it’s just internally. Don’t miss this important event, designed to strengthen and encourage Christians of ALL ages in their faith.

Join us for this FREE event, Sunday, August 11th and Monday, August 12th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Register today!