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Train Up a Parent Conference – Now Free

Wednesday, September 25 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

We get it – parenting is hard, but they’re actually IS a handbook. It’s called the Bible. Imagine a world without fits and tantrums, a world where your children do what you ask the first time you ask and with a happy heart, a world where teenagers and parents enjoy each other! Join us for a lot of Jesus and a little common sense, and see your parenting experience become everything you always dreamed of… and nothing that the world wants you to believe it is. Incorporate a God perspective and raise godly children that both you and others will enjoy… now and in the future.

Join us and learn to:

  • handle temper tantrums (from tots AND teens)
  • raise kids who are disciplined and self-controlled
  • channel a growing independence
  • motivate your child
  • set healthy boundaries for your kids
  • help your child choose good friends
  • navigate future spouse discussions
  • maintain a healthy influence in adulthood
  • the transition from parent to friend

About Our Speakers:

Pastors Mark and Holly Earle have been married for 19 years. They both have ministerial and education backgrounds that have allowed them to counsel , minister, and professionally help families through all walks of life. Parents of two teenagers, who has enjoyed watching them flourish in a real authentic relationship with Jesus.

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