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Train Up a Parent Conference – Now Free

Wednesday, September 25 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

We get it – parenting is hard, but they’re actually IS a handbook. It’s called the Bible. Imagine a world without fits and tantrums, a world where your children do what you ask the first time you ask and with a happy heart, a world where teenagers and parents enjoy each other! Join us for a lot of Jesus and a little common sense, and see your parenting experience become everything you always dreamed of… and nothing that the world wants you to believe it is. Incorporate a God perspective and raise godly children that both you and others will enjoy… now and in the future.

Join us and learn to:

  • handle temper tantrums (from tots AND teens)
  • raise kids who are disciplined and self-controlled
  • channel a growing independence
  • motivate your child
  • set healthy boundaries for your kids
  • help your child choose good friends
  • navigate future spouse discussions
  • maintain a healthy influence in adulthood
  • the transition from parent to friend

Train Up A Parent is taught by Pastors Scot & Holly Anderson and Pastors Jason & Kelli Anderson.

Pastors Scot & Holly Anderson are the authors of the original and highly sought-after Train Up A Parent curriculum, as well as More Than A Mom and More Than a Dad. They teach parenting classes both nationally and internationally and continue to prove that the principles they teach actually do work, as they successfully parent five children, ranging in age from 11 to 23.

Pastors Jason & Kelli Anderson are the authors of Yep, I Have Teens, a book that is changing the way people approach parenting by providing scriptural and practical insight to get you through the teen years without the drama! They continue to prove that successful parenting isn’t a fluke, as they sow these principles into four of their own, ranging in age from 11 to 21.

Train Up A Parent is for parents (and grandparents) in ALL seasons of parenting, whether you’re struggling with specific issues or just want to keep up! Join us for this FREE event, and sharpen your parenting skills.

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