Why the Bweyale Project? 

The world is going through a significant amount of change. Countries’ political and social climates are rapidly changing. Because of these changes, families worldwide have to make the difficult decision to move from one country to another without always knowing what awaits them on the other side. The desire to provide a better life for their families is what drives these decisions to move. Previously, to help navigate these changes in Gulu, Uganda, we built a self-sustaining community center, church, and school to give people a place to gather, grow, and flourish. There is a need to take this successful format to other towns in Uganda.

Bweyale, Uganda has become a place for refugees to call home. Bweyale is a rural town that has widespread poverty. Yet, despite the poverty level, refugees are coming from all over the region to seek help. In Bweyale, Brother Benjamin Komanapalli and his team have seen how difficult it is for people to arrive there without anything. In response to this hurt, he and his team have set up systems to change their future. They are implementing self-sustaining programs to bring those in Bweyale out of poverty.

You might ask why we develop systems instead of donating items? Systems allow people to grow and understand how they can change their future and their children’s futures. Things, although helpful, last for a short time. The development of systems helps empower the individual on a long-term basis and provides a true sense of hope. Currently, six acres of land have been secured for future development and system growth.

What are we doing?

There are three big projects in Bweyale that we need your help with. Here are the projects that are going to be brought to Bweyale:

The Community Center:
Food and water are vital for survival. To help meet this need in a sustainable way a community center will be built. The community center is place for everyone to gather and grow. This center will host classes to teach people about the importance and value of farming. These classes cover how to farm in the environment and how to turn that crop into a sustainable business. People will not only be able to farm their own crops, but will be able to sell them.

The Well:
Water is a necessity. Not having a source for clean water can leave a community sick and thirsty. To help meet the need for clean water, a well will be built in part of the community center. This means people will have easy access to safe and clean water.

The School:
Education is essential for a child’s growth and development. Historically, Bweyale has not had consistent standards for education. When a child has a quality education, they have more opportunities available to them in the future. With your help we will be building a school for 1st-12th graders to receive a quality education.

The Church:
The Church is essential for community growth and generational change. The pastors and leaders are being equipped to continue to assess the needs of the community, and then allocate the resources to meet those needs. People will be able to grow spiritually in the house of God.

How can you help?

This project has the opportunity to bring life to a community. You can help in a few ways.
The first thing we ask is that you pray for this project. Pray that families will grow, vital needs will be met, and that more people will come to know who Jesus is through these projects.

The second way to help is through your financial giving. In order to complete the above projects we are needing $170,000. Any size gift will help make the difference in the lives of those in Bweyale.

We are asking you to prayerfully consider how you can contribute to this project in Bweyale, Uganda.

Let’s work together to change the world through sustainable systems and development!