What is Virtual Church?

The tools available today are transforming the ways in which people can connect. That’s where our new Living Word Virtual Church Community comes in.

We’re rethinking how to connect a church family. Our virtual church is a community of believers who are gathering regardless of the distance between us. Each week, we come together for Living Word’s live stream, chatting with each other through live comments. Afterwards, the Living Word Virtual Church pastor in charge of your Share Group is present in the live stream to minister, pray with those in need, and answer questions in real time. During the week between live streams, we connect in groups of ten people on ZOOM to discuss the weekend service and study the Bible. These online meet ups will be made up of a diverse group of people from all over the world. We call these our “Share Groups”. What is a share group? I’m glad you asked.

What are Share Groups?

Share Group meetings are an innovative, fun, and collaborative way of learning and growing in God alongside the other great participants in our group.

Our Share Group meetings are not a typical Bible study, but instead they are energized by the input of every believer coming together to give into the conversation as much or as little as they are comfortable with. We each listen to the message from the weekend and then bring our “aha” moment from that message. Of course you can join a Share Group and quietly observe, but you will find that before long even the most reserved of us are jumping in to the conversation to laugh and give our two cents. We encourage each of our Share Group participants to move at their own pace in the community.

What Happens When You Join Our Virtual Church Community?

Step One: You’ve got mail!

After you click the Join A Group button and sign up for our Virtual Church Waitlist, you’ll receive an email from us with information about the day and time of your Share Group ZOOM sessions and instructions for getting plugged into the LW Virtual Church Discord chat room. Discord will be a platform for us to be in community and talk together in between ZOOM Bible studies.

Step Two: Watch Our Livestream

Each week, your group will watch one of our Saturday or Sunday livestreams. During this time, you’ll be able to communicate with each other and your Virtual Church pastor for discussion, prayer, and fellowship via the live chat.

Step Three: Share Groups

Every week at your group’s designated time, you’ll meet on ZOOM to discuss the weekend service and study the Bible together. This is the time when your group, comprised of up to ten people (plus anyone who has gathered with them around their phones and computers) will fellowship and participate in community together. Prayer, discussion, and love will be imparted unto participants in these Share Groups. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with; the important thing is that you are taking in the Word of God with our online community.