Accelerate HSM (Grades 9-12)

Where do the teens meet?
We meet in the Fellowship Hall.

When do we meet?
Our services are as follows:
Saturday 6pm-8pm

Who is watching over your child?
Besides engaging with like-minded peers, your teens are being cared for by some of the best volunteers and staff. Our volunteers are young at heart and have heard a calling to the ministry of the youth. They have also undergone an application process and background check. This is important to us because these volunteers not only protect your child’s physical well-being but also their spiritual growth.

Why is Accelerate different?
We want teens to know that God is good and church is fun! Our focus is not on getting teens to follow a bunch of religious rules but on introducing them to Jesus and helping them to know Him for themselves. We believe that a relationship with Jesus naturally leads to making good decisions. However, we also make sure that they are staying safe; physically, emotionally and spiritually. There are boundaries and guidelines to make sure everyone is protected and has fun.