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Pastor Jason – “AMEN.”

We “amen” God’s promises, but do we “amen” God’s process? Do we “amen” God’s principles? In Genesis 15:6 NKJV “Abraham believed in the Lord, and the Lord accounted it to him as righteousness.” The word used here in the Hebrew is “amen.” I found that interesting. For me it spoke differently. Abraham “amen’ed” in the Lord, he “amen’ed” the promise. Abraham had no children, but it was his deepest desire to have a son. God took him outside and said “Look at the stars, if you could count the stars, that’s how many descendants you will have.” Think bigger. See the vision clearer. Abraham “amen’ed” the promise.

Then, in Genesis 17:10-11, God visits and tells him to circumcise all the men in the house. Wait, what? Sometimes God is going to ask you to do things that might be tough. Love your enemy. Lay down your life. Pick up your cross if you want to follow Christ. Circumcision – Abraham could have said, “How is that going to get me to the promise?” I have found that far too many are picking which principals of God they like, and then we wonder why we aren’t arriving at God’s promises. Sometimes the Lord gives you a process, your orders came in, Jesus says, “Here’s eternal life,” we say, “woohoo,” then he says, anyone who comes after me must deny himself, take up his cross, offer yourselves as a sacrifice to the Lord. Wait, what? We “amen” the promise, do we “amen” the process? Remember the Israelites who died in the wilderness?

The Bible says they did not go in to the land that I swore to them because they did not “amen” me. Are we “amen’ing” God?

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