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Pastor Jason – Fresh Oil of God

Today I want to talk to you about the fresh oil of God. There is an offshore oil well about 80 miles south of Louisiana called Eugene Island Block 130. It isn’t a real island, but 700 ft below the ocean surface, digging began in 1972 in search of natural gas. They were surprised to strike oil. Pumping of oil began and as most oil wells, the oil reserves in this well were depleting, the well was running dry. But in 1989 something amazing happened, something scientists are having difficulty explaining. Oil production began a steep climb.

They speculate that 30,000 feet down a massive oil reserve from deep within the earth’s crust was supplying the well with new oil. They increased production, and now 45 years later, this well is still producing, seemingly bottomless. When they started drilling in 1972 the estimated oil was 60 million barrels. After 45 years of emptying this well, the oil has not gone down, but increased, from 60 million barrels to 400 million barrels of oil. It’s a bottomless well, and it seems the more they pump out, it is multiplying back from deep within. I believe that this is a picture for you and me, and how our Christianity is designed. The more God’s oil flows out of us into the world, the more it is multiplied into us from deep reservoirs within. We should be a well that never runs dry.

I desire that oil from the deep reservoirs of God would flood your life today… new oil, fresh oil. David said in Psalms 92:10 (KJV), “I have been anointed with fresh oil.” How many of us need some fresh oil today? Maybe your marriage needs some fresh oil? Maybe your passions need some fresh oil of God’s anointing. Maybe a dream that was once alive in you has grown cold, fallen asleep, it just needs to be anointed with fresh oil. Or maybe even your Christianity, your passion for the lost, your expressive worship and hunger for God, maybe something got routine and you lost the drive. Does your Christianity need to be anointed with fresh oil? You just haven’t been happy in a long time, you need some oil of gladness. Whatever maybe needs renewal, today you are here, today as I speak it, you are being anointed with fresh oil.

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