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Pastor Jason – Lift Up Your Eyes

In Psalms 123:1 David writes, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?” God wants us to lift our eyes. He says “Hey, look up here.” Abraham, lift up your eyes and see the stars… Get your mind on bigger, better, higher. God cares where we look, He knows the impact it has. Lifting your eyes means you are looking to the heavenly things, the spiritual things, the unseen answers that are in the mind’s eye, the promises of God that will come to you by faith.

Lifting up your eyes tells us to look at the good stuff. Keep your eyes off the dirt, mud, junk. In this life we are either looking at the good or bad, looking up, or looking down. We see the good in our spouse or the bad, the solutions in our job, or the problems, the joy in our life, or the pain, the things we have, or the things someone else has. When we look at our pain it just attracts more pain. When we look at the negative we crawl deeper into the negative world. But when we lift up our eyes we see the things of God, we get into hope, we climb back out of the pit of despair, and it’s all hidden in a simple glance.

The problem is, looking at the negative stuff is fun at first. It is addictive. Watching how bad the world is getting, and then almost taking pride in talking about it. What’s wrong with the boss, or the company, our bills, our health, our spouse, the president or the pastor, or attacking a 20-year-old-girl for not handling the National Anthem correctly. We have a problem, maybe more now than I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. People are scouring the earth for what is bad, and then making it sound worse, then showing the world for all to see, and then spewing hate. If ever there was a need for Christians to lift their eyes out of the hate and muck, it is now.

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