Praise Reports

Thanks, Pastor Jason! Your message today was to me as a tie-down for an airplane parked on the ramp. I’ve been is a storm and the Lord used you to keep me from being blown off course by the enemy. Now I’m able to stay the course and keep steadily working away towards the goal! You put my eyes back on God’s exceeding great power and off of me.

Grace and peace

Pastor prayed over me last Sunday and I was healed from the hernia and pain I was in.

I broke my arm 3 months ago and had been experiencing pain which should have been gone after 3 months of healing. During our Wednesday night small group, our leaders prayed against pain. The pain left and I have had no more pain.

I had prayer for knee pain and it was 95% healed. At my Wednesday night class the following week, we had prayer for healing. The rest of the pain was completely gone after prayer.

Total healing in both feet, ankles, toe, and leg.