FEB 23 / 7PM

It’s time to fan the flames and ignite a happier marriage – with just one spark. Learn God’s destiny for your marriage with Pastors Scot and Holly Anderson, and Pastors Jason and Kelli Anderson. God wants you to have more fire in your marriage than when you had your first kiss, more laughter than you’ve ever shared before, and more happiness as each day goes by.


Pastors Scot and Holly Anderson, authors of Married 4 Life: Build a Marriage That Lasts a Lifetime. Scot and Holly were married in 1993 and have over 25 years of marital wisdom that they can’t wait to share with you. They know that marriage isn’t always easy! But they also believe that God brings us together for a reason and that there’s always a spark to be had, and a deeper, more passionate fire ready to burn in your marriage. Whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating an anniversary together, Pastors Scot and Holly have something incredible to share with you!

Pastors Jason and Kelli Anderson are internationally recognized teachers of God’s word. Pastoring a multisite church in Mesa, Arizona, Jason and Kelli bring hope and renewed strength through their leadership. They are passionate about encouraging all people to experience every promise of God. Jason and Kelli have been married for over 20 years, teaching on God’s grace, being led by the Holy Spirit, having faith, and more. Married in 1993, the pair have four children, and stand on the principle of building strong homes and families.