Living Word Worship

At Living Word we love to worship. We believe in a God that is always good and that loves us more than we can imagine. That kind of extravagant love deserves an extravagant response. So when we come into God’s house we come excited. We worship with all our heart. Sometimes that means singing out loud, clapping and dancing. Sometimes that means being quiet and still; thinking about all that God has done for us.

We use all styles of music to praise God and you can expect to hear everything from guitars and drums to pianos and violins. We also use video and lighting as well as sound to express how amazing God is. But we don’t want to contain our worship to a church service. We want to carry our worship out into the world so that everyone can know how much God loves them and all that He has done for all of us.

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VSR Music Group

VSR Music Group is the record label of Living Word Bible Church. Many of our worship leaders are also VSR Music Group artists. VSR Music Group was created with the concept that music is a vital and vibrant tool. It was originally inspired by the worldwide impact of Re:zound’s music ministry. We exist for one purpose: to glorify Jesus Christ, to edify the Church, and to evangelize the nations. For more information visit or website: